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yunho + jaejoong = <3

last fanfic writer standing: yunjae style
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Similar to icon lims communities, this is a contest where participants will write a Yunho/Jaejoong (TVXQ) fanfic every week to a given theme and at the end of the week, a few of them will be voted off until there is just one writer left (the last fanfic writer standing!) Every week on Monday, one of the community moderators will post up a theme for the week. During the week, participants must email me a 100+ word fanfic related to that theme. We are currently in Round 2 of the challenge!

Non-participants are encouraged to watch the community and vote on the challenges. NOTE: There is no rating restriction on submissions, so read at your own risk!

1.... In order to participate, comment in the sign-up post for the Current Round. Make sure sign-ups are still open, you may not sign up afterwards. Remember, this is a time commitment! You will be allowed only one (1) skip per round, so use it wisely.
2.... All fanfics must be 100+ words long, unless stated otherwise, and centered around both Yunho/Jaejoong and the theme of the week.
3.... A new theme will be posted each week on Monday, submissions must be in by Friday at 11:59 PM EST. All participants (who haven't been voted off) must participate.
4.... Email your submissions as .txt files to nine.spiral @ gmail.com. Format your fic as if you are posting it as a livejournal post. Please include your livejournal username in the subject line of the email. Your subject line should read "jaeho_challenge theme # - your lj username here". The body of your email should look like this:

Word Count:
Summary: (under 3 sentences)
5.... Do not post your submissions elsewhere until the week is over. Anyone who does so will be immediately disqualified. Your fic will be posted to jaehoch_fic anonymously, so that voting is based on content alone. After voting is closed and results are in, you may post your fanfic to other journals.
6.... Have fun! Be creative, and don't be shy :)

1.... Voting will begin on Saturday morning and last until Sunday 10:59 PM EST. Anyone can vote, and we need as many votes as possible!
2.... When voting, vote for the submission(s) you enjoyed least as well as the one you enjoyed most. Votes against a fic will count as negative numbers and votes for a fic as positive numbers; the total of these two numbers will be the writer's final score, which will determine whether or not they are voted off.

This community is moderated by nullspace (Round 1+) and ibaranonamida (Round 2+). If you have any questions, please contact nullspace.

♥♥♥ jaeho_detox -- you'll find lots of great Yunjae fanworks over here :D

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