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DECEMBER: Fic Directory (Updated)

Hello, all :) I'm just making an archive of filled requests from our December memes for your convenience. When I see someone has filled a request, I will add a link to it here. Happy browsing!

filled requests...

* "Merry Christmas" / PG / (prompt: Christmas fluff with YunJae and their adopted kids)
* "3 times Jaejoong said yes without really knowing what he agreed to" / PG / (prompt: Jaejoong always says yes, Yunho is a loser)
* "Moonlight" / PG / (prompt: Yunho kisses Jaejoong on the balcony)
* "Last Christmas" / PG / (prompt: Yunho is reluctant to celebrate Christmas due to a past experience)
* "The Night Before Christmas" / PG-13 / (prompt: Yunho tries to rob Jaejoong, but it doesn't go as planned...)
* "안녕히계세요" / PG / (prompt: Angsty, abstract, music)
* "Warm" / PG / (prompt: A kiss under the mistletoe)
* "Silent Night" / PG-13 / (prompt: Baking together in the kitchen)
* "Press Play" / G / (prompt: Yunho breaks up with Jaejoong, Jaejoong wants him to come back)
* "Must Be Santa" / PG-13 / (prompt: Yunho and Jaejoong are acting like kids about their presents on Christmas)
* "Operation: Dense" / PG-13 / Everyone knows Yunho is in love with Jaejoong, except for Yunho himself

KINK MEME (all NC-17)
* "profiling" (prompt: Hybristophilia - sexual arousal to criminals)
* Untitled (prompt: Dirty talk)
* "Intermediate" (prompt: Phone sex while Jaejoong is away filming his drama)
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