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DECEMBER: Part II - Anonymous Kink Meme!

This is Part II of our December Activity. Read more about it here!

YunJae Anonymous Kink Meme

to request a kink fic...
★ Post your request in a comment on this post.
Comment anonymously if you can. ;D That way, we don't have to be ashamed about anything......
★ In your comment, fill out the following:

★ You may post multiple requests! Got lots of plot bunnies? Bombs away!
★ Your request MUST be Yunho/Jaejoong. Duh...
This post is only for kink requests! We have a separate MEME for other fics!

to fill a request...
★ Post your fic in a REPLY to the request comment.
★ Make your comment anonymous! In the spirit of giving without asking for anything in return, we'd like authors to stay anon, at least until after Christmas. Feel free to reveal yourselves after then ;D
★ Your comment's content is the fic, but you MUST include this subject line:
Subject: FILLED - Title (if any), Rating, Length (i.e. 1/1, 2/3, etc)

★ Make sure your fic is mainly Yunho/Jaejoong! Other pairings can be included, it's up to you and/or the requester.
★ Fics of any length are allowed! Also, multiple authors can fill the same request! Let's be friendly about it, though. :)

To pimp out the kink meme instead of the other one, use this code:

♥!! Have fun :D



FILLED - Intermediate , NC-17, 3/4

“Hmm, that feels good. I grab fistfuls of your hair and yank your head back.”

Yunho could almost feel pain at this scalp as he recalled how it felt when Jaejoong yanked his hair when he was in heat.

“I plant kisses along your jaw until your chin then lay back on the pillow, exposing my neck to you.”

They were taking turns narrating. Yunho took Jaejoong’s cue and continued to insert his own fantasy. “Then I nibble and kiss and leave bites down your neck and to your collarbones.”

Jaejoong placed his fingertips on his chin before dragging them down his own neck, moaning at the sensation. Then his hands reached the collar of his nightshirt, ventured down to the first button and deftly unfastening it. Yunho was starting to pant, and Jaejoong could feel himself burning up. Just knowing what they were doing, their intentions and how this activity was going to end up was enough to excite both of them.

“And now I have my hands on your stomach, feeling up your hard abs and toned muscles.”

“Oh you like my muscles, huh?” Jaejoong’s hands increased their pace, finally tossing away his shirt and laying his palms flat on his own tummy. “I know you like to kiss my belly. And to lick it.”

Yunho, who was also lying on his side, pressed his cheek against the pillow as he tugged down his pants. “I do all those things. Then I take your right nipple into my mouth and suck on it.”

Jaejoong’s breath hitched and Yunho continued.

“Your nipples are so cute. They’re erect, so I can flick one of them with my tongue while pinching the other one with my fingers.”

Both of Jaejoong’s hands were on his own nipples, moving just like Yunho liked to move them. Moans spilled out of Jaejoong’s mouth. His heels dug into the mattress and his backbone arched a bit and he really needed to get rid of his pants, which were killing him. Oh Yunho knew him so well. He knew how to drive Jaejoong insane by targeting his sensitive nipples. He knew that Jaejoong loved being sucked.

“Aren’t you going to lick my other nipple?” Jaejoong whimpered, already reaching down to divest himself of his pants and undergarments.

“Yes, right now.” Yunho grabbed his own erection and hissed immediately at the contact.

Jaejoong sighed when he kicked away his underwear. He tentatively touched the tip of length and gasped when he felt moisture on his fingers. “Ah, Yunho. I’m leaking.”

“I can lick you clean. I move down your body and kiss your tip, savouring the taste that I love so much.” Yunho thumbed his own length, grunting in pleasure and hoping that Jaejoong was feeling the same way. “Then I open my mouth and take your cock into my mouth.”

Jaejoong released a great sigh. “Oh Yunho!” He gripped his cock, imaging it was Yunho’s lips and oral cavity around his hard shaft instead of his own hands.

“I lick the underside, the sides and lap the tip,” Yunho resumed, his voice turning husky and hoarse with lust. “You know what I want to do to you right now, Jaejoong?”

“What?” Jaejoong had an idea, but he wanted to hear Yunho say it.

“I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you so hard, your screams rip the sky apart, blow the mountains asunder and chill me to my bones.”

“Oh yes, Yunho...”

“I want to ram my cock into you and fill you up to the hilt. I want you to feel nothing but ecstasy and me.”

“Do it,” Jaejoong drawled, fisting his erection.

“I also want to make love to you,” Yunho whispered. “I want you drown in my love. I’ll drown the Earth with my love, and if that’s not enough for you, I’ll drown the moon too.”

“I don’t need the moon,” Jaejoong gasped, shaking his head. “I need you. I love you.”

“Then get ready,” Yunho warned breathlessly. “Close your eyes. Feel me entering you.”

Jaejoong did not need any other stimuli. Memories were enough. Yunho’s voice was enough. Yunho’s grunt signalled his initiation and Jaejoong imagined his opening being stretched. He remembered the sensation clearly, having felt it so intensely many times before. He knew how big Yunho was when he was erect, how he fit perfectly into Jaejoong and never lost his rhythm when he thrust.