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DECEMBER: Part II - Anonymous Kink Meme!

This is Part II of our December Activity. Read more about it here!

YunJae Anonymous Kink Meme

to request a kink fic...
★ Post your request in a comment on this post.
Comment anonymously if you can. ;D That way, we don't have to be ashamed about anything......
★ In your comment, fill out the following:

★ You may post multiple requests! Got lots of plot bunnies? Bombs away!
★ Your request MUST be Yunho/Jaejoong. Duh...
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to fill a request...
★ Post your fic in a REPLY to the request comment.
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★ Make sure your fic is mainly Yunho/Jaejoong! Other pairings can be included, it's up to you and/or the requester.
★ Fics of any length are allowed! Also, multiple authors can fill the same request! Let's be friendly about it, though. :)

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♥!! Have fun :D



Kink: Hybristophilia (sexual arousal to people who have committed crimes, in particular cruel or outrageous crimes)
Anything else?: ... No


FILLED - "profiling", NC-17, 1/4

warnings: unedited, unbeta-ed, unorganized. general errors abound. disturbing content. extremely ooc. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

kim jaejoong, age 23, fine-boned and big-eyed and an 'excellent judge in character', according to his courtroom defense in july 2007, murderer of six people, assistant to the death of three. and all this had been in the span of less than a year.

he was also the fucking hottest man yunho'd ever seen, and for a closeted gay, yunho saw a lot of beautiful men in the clubs he frequented friday nights. the man's face didn't seem like the face of one who would have committed murder, but yunho'd learned from a long-enough career in criminal profiling that a pretty face didn't mean shit. he crossed his legs and pretended that he wasn't turned on.

"kim-sshi," yunho started, and then the murderer smiled, tilted his head.

"call me jaejoong," he said. his voice was mellow, calm. poised like a panther set to strike.

yunho didn't smile back. "jaejoong-sshi. i'd like to ask you about august 2005."

"ah," said jaejoong, "are you going to ask me about yoochunie?" yunho didn't look up in time to see the widening of the smile, but the finished product was charming and entirely out of place.

"it says here that though you pleaded guilty to the killing, you would not elaborate on how you killed him. the autopsy revealed little about how he died and when, as the body was mangled beyond description. though you were prosecuted, there is little evidence against you." yunho flicked through the grainy pictures and tried hard to dismiss the image of jaejoong, all delicate features, raising the knife smearing the blood arranging the limbs cleaning the floor washing the stains out of the carpet with chlorox. his erection strained painfully against his tailored pants.

jaejoong smiled as if he knew how hot and bothered yunho was, underneath the suit and underneath the black rimmed glasses.

he leaned back in his chair, placing his hands on the table. the metal of the handcuff capturing his wrists clicked invitingly as he interlaced his fingers, cold-looking things of length and perfectly groomed strength. "i remember it well," jaejoong purred.

when yunho looked up, almost startled at the tone, jaejoong smiled. "you never forget your first," he explained.

"how did you kill him?"

"i think it was the cuts on his wrist," the killer said. "i found him in the washroom with a razor blade and slit wrists."

rifling through his notes, yunho raised an eyebrow and noticed amongst the list of items found: razor blade, 4cm length, 2.5cm width; trapezoidal. standard blade found in stationery stores.

"he was still conscious when i broke in."

bathroom door: signs of break-in

"the water in the bathtub was red, so red. i was afraid i was already too late, but then he turned to me and he asked me what i was doing there. his voice was so weak. he always had the greasiest, huskiest voice."

bathtub: luminol test—presence of blood detected

"i'd heard him crying before, since he was the biggest crybaby i knew—" the man laughed, raising his hands to cover his mouth, "—but it was the first time i'd heard his voice sound like that."

letting his hands drop, the handcuffs made a huge bang as they collided with the tabletop, and yunho suppressed a surprised jump and watched, horrified, as the pretty face turned dangerous and sly as a smirk touched the edges of those full lips.

"i found it arousing," jaejoong smiled.

knees jerking, yunho stared the killer in the eyes and wondered what the fuck was going on. he'd lost control of the conversation somewhere, and he wasn't sure when jaejoong had taken it as an invitation.


FILLED - "profiling", NC-17, 2/4

"i flew to his side. i asked him what was wrong, i tried to bandage him. i asked him why he would do this. i wonder if he noticed my erection."

fearing a gulp would be audible and telling, yunho controlled his breathing, gaze flicking back and forth between the case report and jaejoong's eyes.

"he told me he loved me, and that he was sorry. i got angry then, took his hand. gripped it so hard it might have left bruises. told him that if he loved me like he said he did, he wouldn't leave me. i was really angry, and he was really so beautiful, so i took the razor blade and cut another line in his arm, from elbow to wrist. oh, yunho-sshi, you should have heard him keen."

severed right arm. multiple shallow cuts across wrists. long cut from elbow to wrist

wanting to protest the usage of his first name but unwilling to reveal a faltering voice, yunho firmly resisted the urge to squirm under the unwavering gaze of one kim jaejoong and instead asked, "and he died then?"

"i don't think he died until after i raped him," the murderer chuckled softly.

victim shows signs of anal penetration. semen DNA found to match kim jaejoong. lapse of time between intercourse and discovery of body renders DNA evidence inconclusive

"so it was forceful penetration, then," yunho remarked. he wondered, while nodding at jaejoong to continue, what would happen if the killer looked underneath the table.

smiling, baring teeth as if congratulating yunho on a job well done, jaejoong nodded. "he kept on screaming, even though i used a lot of shampoo as lube. when i was finished, he wouldn't stop screaming and crying, so i told him that if he loved me he'd let me do this. i only did it because i loved him. he shut up then, so i held him and sung him lullabies."

yunho could almost imagine the same mellow voice describing atrocities singing a gentle lullaby, yoochun's head cradled in jaejoong's arms.

"it took him a while to die. i had to help him by cutting a few more lines in his wrists. when he finally stopped breathing i didn't know what to do—i wanted to know that his heart would always be mine. so i dragged his body to the kitchen. i tripped and broke a bone in his arm, somewhere—" left humerus broken in two places "—but he didn't cry and it was strange, how silent he was. he was always such a crybaby. i took out a knife from the drawer. i was the only one who actually used his kitchen anyway, yoochun liked it when i made him jjigae. i cut open his chest because i wondered if when he kissed me, he kissed me with his heart. his heart was still warm, as slick as his tongue, and that's when i knew he had loved me, really loved me." —sternum cracked. second to sixth ribs broken. lung punctured, sharp knife wound. heart displaced, still missing— "i realized then that i'd never be able to hold him like this ever again. i wanted to know everything about him. so i took a heavy pot and crushed the bones in his arms so i could know how white his bones are, if his marrow was soft and sweet as his blood—" left radius and ulna crushed. flesh cut open with a sharp knife "—and i wanted to know if the calluses i loved to feel upon my waist went all the way into his piano player fingers so i cut into his middle finger—" thumb dislocated. fingers otherwise untouched

"you didn't touch his fingers, kim-sshi," yunho interrupted, sighing as if nearing the end of the game.

smile-deprived and face devoid of emotion, jaejoong looked like an entity of ice. yunho cursed the poetic part of his brain and told himself it was wrong, to be so aroused by a man who had killed and broken hearts as easily as dancing.

when jaejoong didn't speak, yunho continued, straightening up in his chair and massaging his temples. "you didn't touch his fingers. and as fascinating as this all is, i'm not interested in such a bullshit story. why did you kill him? park yoochun, according to accounts from friends and family, did not seem suicidal and was in a particularly positive position in life."

silence met him.


FILLED - "profiling", NC-17, 3/4

"is it because he was going to leave you? he sold his first composition, SM was looking to hire him full-time, famed darling of the music industry kim junsu was showing interest in working with him. were you afraid he'd leave you behind?"

a grin stretched jaejoong's lips.

"bingo, yunho-sshi," he whispered. "such a wonderful profiler you are. just thirty minutes and you see into the depths of my soul! bravo, bravo. if i could clap, i would. but then, if i could clap..."

in one fluid movement jaejoong was out of his seat, hands splayed against the table for support as he leaned over the table, face centimeters from yunho's. "...i'd take care of that little problem of yours first."

unable to resist the flush in his cheeks, yunho opened his mouth to snap, "kim-sshi, please take your seat," and only managed through "kim-sshi, please" before jaejoong's lips were on his, soft and full and unlike the thin-lipped men yunho would kiss fleetingly during the friday night dances.

he found himself reciprocating, desperate and horrified at himself.

pulling away, the smak of their lips parting obscene and wet, jaejoong smirked. "call me jaejoong," he reminded, before crawling up and over the table so he could sit on yunho's lap. as he brushed against the obvious bulge in yunho's lap, he faked surprise. "my," he said, "i should have offered to help sooner." he kissed yunho again, before the profiler could protest.

hands on yunho's shoulders, jaejoong scooted closer, trying to press their erections together as close as possible. each jerk caused the chains of the handcuffs to clink against yunho's clothed chest, and jaejoong drew his hands together to undo yunho's tie. "you do realize i could kill you so easily," jaejoong breathed. stealing into another violent kiss, he didn't let yunho answer, tossing aside the tie and working on the buttons of yunho's pressed and starched shirt.

the cool of metal against yunho's bare flesh inspired a shudder through him, and jaejoong smirked, unbuckling the belt with speed. the moment cold fingers slid their way into his boxers and wrapped around his aching cock, yunho moaned shamelessly, pressing into the warmth of jaejoong's mouth and slipping in his tongue.

when jaejoong pulled away, getting to his feet, yunho followed, breathing heavily and torn between ending the session or throwing jaejoong to the floor and continuing whatever they were doing. he was spared from trying to decide when jaejoong pulled down his trousers, the ugly grey prison uniform pooling at his feet.

the criminal (dangerous criminal, yunho remembered) took a big step and invaded the rest of yunho's personal space, and their teeth clinked together as they kissed, a fight for dominance.

standing, yunho found, made it easier for jaejoong to strip him. he let the criminal divest him of his pants and boxers, using his own hands to hold jaejoong in place; one hand on jaejoong's shoulder and the other on his hip. jaejoong shuffled closer and wrapped his hand around the both of them, causing yunho to jerk away with a muffled "shibal!"

it was a little rough at first, so jaejoong spit into his hands, grinning violently as he murmured, "so how did you know, yunho-sshi? just thirty minutes and you figured me out. park yoochun, oori yoochunie, the emo composer who only knew how to be hurt by love and didn't realize how much he hurt others who loved him just by being hurt." he brushed his left pinky over the head of yunho's cock, swirling his right thumb over the head of his own penis at the same time, and he chuckled, breathless and low, as yunho moaned. "hard working yoochunie, who wrote lyrics to his love songs while watching me cook. kind yoochunie, who let me be the first to sing his songs, test his melodies."


FILLED - "profiling", NC-17, 4/4 (END)

jaejoong moved his hands faster, taking deep gasping breaths before continuing to speak. "and stupid little jaejoong, couldn't do anything properly, might as well have been born a woman. the only thing he's good for is jerking people off—" yunho groaned as jaejoong gave a particularly hard jerk "—and giving blowjobs with that pretty mouth of his. what else could i have done? i wanted to keep him forever."

the profiler pulled away abruptly, breathing hard and staring at jaejoong with an unfocused gaze. suddenly, with a smooth pull-and-push, he had jaejoong spead out over the interrogation table, the criminal meeting the cool surface of the table with a hiss. "don't bullshit me," yunho ground out, before pausing to collect saliva in his mouth. he spit into his hand, slicked his fingers, and inserted a finger into jaejoong, moving onto two fingers and scissoring almost immediately. "JYP entertainment had expressed interest in you as a potential singer. you have the looks and the height to be a model. come on. why'd you really kill him? did you even really love him?"

his voice sounded harsh, unforgiving. slicking his cock with saliva and pre-come, he forced jaejoong's legs apart and entered, biting his tongue against the swear that came with the pleasure.

crossing his arms in front of him, jaejoong bit his wrist and muffled his scream, handcuff chains rattling violently.

grunting with the effort to control his movements, yunho began thrusting in and out of jaejoong slowly. "did you kill shim changmin because he found out it was you? but why kill kim youngwoon, who from all accounts seemed smitten with you and more than willing to let you hide away with him? come on, jaejoong-sshi, two can play this game," he grunted out between thrusts.

teeth drawing blood, jaejoong chuckled around his wrist. when yunho took his right leg and hooked it over his shoulder, jaejoong wrenched his arm away and screamed, reaching up over his head to brace his hands against the table, pushing back against yunho's pistoning hips.

yunho was close to climax, his hands frantically stroking jaejoong's cock as he moved in and out of the killer, when jaejoong gasped out, "you know—yunhoyah—you got me in thirty—minutes, but i got you—in ten. you're—one of those controlling types. —you need to be in control—ah—and that's. why you. fuck, harder—profile criminals. that's why—you wanted to fuck me. you just—love that feeling of—power, when—uh—you take a big, bad criminal like me—and fuck him like this—yeah, just like that—and have him at your complete mercy. i know your type, yunhoyah."

jaejoong arched his back and came. yunho followed soon after with his own orgasm, falling over jaejoong as he tried to regain his breath.

the killer was oddly obediant as they separated and cleaned up, allowing yunho to regain his bearings and climb back into his clothes. jaejoong needed a bit of assistance when putting on his pants; he took yunho's offer of help quietly, gingerly stepping into them and letting yunho pull them up his thighs and over his buttocks as if he were a toddler.

it was only when they took their original seats again, jaejoong staring down yunho from across the table he had just been fucked on, when jaejoong shattered the silence.

"looks like i'm a better profiler than you, yun.ho.yah."

it was hard not to scream.



Re: FILLED - "profiling", NC-17, 4/4 (END)

...................... original requester here.................. excuse me while i go take care of my nosebleed................................................


this was.


so hot.

ilu forever, anon! i kind of think i know who you are but... :x


Re: FILLED - "profiling", NC-17, 4/4 (END)

♥♥♥ ugh you don't know how good it is to hear that you liked it. happy holidays! apparently i fail at being ~mysterious and unknown?


Re: FILLED - "profiling", NC-17, 4/4 (END)

aww ♥♥♥ happy hols to you too! ty again for writing this! :* :* :*


Re: FILLED - "profiling", NC-17, 4/4 (END)

That was the hottest thing I've ever read.


Re: FILLED - "profiling", NC-17, 4/4 (END)

...is it wrong that I cried at the jaechun parts ;__;

Re: FILLED - "profiling", NC-17, 4/4 (END)

i probably should have been more specific, but no, jaejoong is 100% psychotic here. yunho is not guilty of any crime - he is just sexually aroused by people who have done crimes.

thanks for reading!