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DECEMBER: Anonymous Fic-Gifting Meme!

Hey y'all! The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner and in celebration, I bring you jaeho_challenge's December activity, the Yun/Jae fic request meme. Guaranteed not to disappoint, as long as you do both the giving and the receiving ;D (We'll not talk about how dirty that sounds kk?)

YunJae Anonymous Fic-Gifting Meme

Sign me up! How do I participate? Well, it's very easy. Here are the rules...

to request a fic...
★ Post your request in a comment on this post.
★ In your comment, fill out the following:

★ You may post multiple requests! Got lots of plot bunnies? Bombs away!
★ Your request MUST be Yunho/Jaejoong. Duh...
If you are requesting something of an adult nature, do not comment here! We have a separate KINK MEME for that!

to fill a request...
★ Post your fic in a REPLY to the request comment.
★ Make your comment anonymous! In the spirit of giving without asking for anything in return, we'd like authors to stay anon, at least until after Christmas. Feel free to reveal yourselves after then ;D
★ Your comment's content is the fic, but you MUST include this subject line:
Subject: FILLED - Title (if any), Rating, Length (i.e. 1/1, 2/3, etc)

★ Make sure your fic is mainly Yunho/Jaejoong! Other pairings can be included, it's up to you and/or the requester.
★ Fics of any length are allowed! Also, multiple authors can fill the same request! Let's be friendly about it, though. :)

and now for a favor...
Make sure to advertise this meme so your requests get filled faster! I cannot stress this enough. I'm only advertising this at jaeho_detox, so I'm going to need you guys to pimp this around in your journals.

Don't be afraid! Request as many things as you like! Santa!Ho tells me you've all been naughty great this year, so you deserve some good ol' YunJae to end 2008 with a bang :) ♥



Prompt/Desired Plot: A kiss under the mistletoe! :D :D
Anything else?: Make it Yunho and Jaejoong's first kiss, please :D And make sure they aren't dating/romantically involved prior to it. Tysm!


FILLED - Warm - PG, 1/4

It's gradual, but din of the room is eventually loud enough to deafen all other noises. Jaejoong doesn't even notice until he accidentally crashes a glass to the ground and all it does is break into a thousand pieces, inaudible against the whoops Heechul is making from across the room and the loud smacking noises Yoochun is making against every visible surface, mistletoe hanging from a hairband on his head. Jaejoong frowns. It's too loud and too rowdy and too claustrophobic; he could be at work right now. Rent is due way too quickly and he barely has enough, if he plans on eating for the next few weeks. Plus, he barely knows anyone here, except for maybe one or two scattered familiar faces that are too busy being stupid with their friends. Heechul he knows because Heechul hates him, Yoochun he knows because Yoochun is quiet and sad unless he has underaged alcohol sloshed inside his throat, and Yunho--

Oh, right, didn't notice him. He's standing there with a cup in his hand, looking awfully conflicted. Kangin is trying to coax him into trying some, while some other soon-to-debut trainee keeps filling the cup with another mysterious liquid from his own. Suddenly, Yoochun pops up beside him, rubbing his slack lips all over his cheek. A bottle is pressed into his side-- "live a little," Yoochun laughs-- and he's gone again. Jongwoon (where did he come from? Jaejoong barely thinks) is pressing another bottle against his back, shoving him towards the swell of the crowd.

"Stop being such a downer, Jaejoong," he grins into his neck, arm slung loosely over his shoulder. "No one's watching you right now, kick off your shoes and have a bit of fun before you're caught in the cage again." And then Jongwoon saunters away backwards, blowing wet kisses towards Jaejoong before he trips and lands on a row of laps, who belong to a bunch of buzzed owners that only laugh and cradle him.


FILLED - Warm - PG, 2/4

So he has a bit of fun, lives a little until 11:59am, when he's sliding down a fleet of stairs on someone's jacket, racing some pretty trainee with fake lashes and fake hair and fake nails, and slides a bit too fast and stops only when he crashes into a pair of startlingly thin legs that crumble under his force.

"Shit," he says, trying to breathe with what feels like a sack of rocks on his chest. "Are you okay?"

It takes him a while, but he finally notices that it's Yunho spread over his torso, mouth kind of slack and eyes kind of unfocused. He raises his finger as if to prove a point, and then--

Jaejoong is answered by orange-coloured puke sliding down his arm.

"What the hell?" Jaejoong yells, shoving Yunho off, who only flops to the ground and says something that sounds a lot like,

"I think I want to go home now."

Jaejoong sits on the ugly jacket with throw up all over him and one drunken trainee draped over his knees and wonders what convinced him to this in the first place.


An hour and twenty minute later, Jaejoong has Yunho's shirt on and Yunho is wearing half of what he was in the first place, which is justified because it's not Jaejoong's fault that Yunho had to go and do shit all over his favourite shirt. And Yunho is a lot more coherent and sorry and tired, willingly sacrficing his shirt anyway once he notices what he'd done. Jaejoong feels sorry for him, the way people do for kicked puppies, and pulls a shirt off some knocked out boy on the stairs, presenting it with a flourish. Yunho laughs a little, slipping it on, and Jaejoong sits with him in the boiler room until he feels like he can walk again. (The bedroom was-- no. The washroom was filled with people trying to throw up. And the closet was also no, only a bit gayer.) They talk about the year and how it's been, how everything can go so wrong when rich siblings look over twenty-one, and why they weren't outside trying to party it up but then Yunho gags a little and Jaejoong remembers why.

"You're not made for drinking," notes Jaejoong, hand propped in his chin and fingers fiddling with the hem of his jeans.

"You think?" Yunho asks, wiping at the corner of his mouth with his sleeve. "Man, I need to build up my tolerance or else I'm screwed when I debut."

"It's not hard," Jaejoong shrugs. "Drink a lot. Don't let yourself get sick. Bring a lot of advil for the morning after."

"Maybe for you," he grumbles. "I have trouble getting through the first step without hitting the second."

"You'll be fine," Jaejoong laughs, shoving Yunho's arm with his own. "We could go bootleg some alcohol someday, and I'll teach you or something."


FILLED - Warm - PG, 3/4

Yunho turns to Jaejoong, opening his mouth as if to say something but at that moment the boiler door opens and Junsu comes rolling down the stairs. Yoochun's mistletoe hairband has transfered onto Junsu's head, perched dangerously over one ear and sliding off the other. He slips until he fits his head between the two of them, one arm over each shoulder and plants a slopping kiss on both their cheeks.

"Yunho, Jaejoong!" he slurs. "We should sing together someday. Man, we're awesome when we dance." And then he passes out, just like that.

"Junsu needs more sleep," Jaejoong says, turning to smile at the slumbering boy on his shoulder. At that moment, Yunho leans forwards and kisses him. He was probably aiming for his cheek, but as Jaejoong turned, he moved and.

Yunho jerks back and says, "I think I'm going to throw up again."

"That's not very nice of you," Jaejoong says. "I'll have you know my kisses are very nice."

"No, I mean--" and he convulses once and spins around, emptying his stomach onto Junsu's hand.

Jaejoong wipes the remains of whatever he was eating with the flat of his thumb. "Should I ask what you were trying to do before?"

"Mistletoe," Yunho gasps, rubbing at his stomach and pointing at Junsu's hairband. Jaejoong looks up to find that, indeed, there was a sprig of mistletoe still above their heads, albeit mangled into three different pieces.


FILLED - Warm - PG, 4/4

"Oh," Jaejoong says, and leans forwards and kisses Yunho properly. Yunho holds a protesting hand against Jaejoong's arm, but Jaejoong presses harder and Yunho feels himself warming from somewhere under his ribcage. It feels like it should be disgusting but Jaejoong's lips are surprisingly (or maybe not) supple and he must shave a lot because Yunho doesn't feel any stubble which when he really thinks about it is kind of gross. It's nice until Jaejoong slides a hand onto his thigh, tilts his head a little, and sticks out his tongue to run it across Yunho's teeth.

"Wait," he says, jerking back again. "I taste like vomit." He looks down to find that it was Junsu's hand, not Jaejoong's. As carefully and patiently as he can, he shoves Junsu onto the step above them and off his back.

"That's okay," Jaejoong says, and leans in again.

"Wait," he says, keeping a hand at Jaejoong' chest. Jaejoong stares down at it, his own hand coming to grip at Yunho's wrist. "I'm. I'm not drunk anymore."

"Neither am I," Jaejoong says, taking Yunho's hand and placing it behind his neck. "This is for me."

When he leans in again this time,

Yunho lets him.


This was so long and weird, I'm so sorry DDD: I tried my best, though I don't think this was what you were asking for;;


Re: FILLED - Warm - PG, 4/4

lksfalsjdajsdklj requester here omg ilusm *__*! this was adorable and that party was such a shitshow roflll.

and the loud smacking noises Yoochun is making against every visible surface, mistletoe hanging from a hairband on his head

diesss I can totally imagine basically everything in this fic happening. especially Yoochun making out with everything he sees. and the Junsu part was just. priceless. amazing. this was amazing <33

Re: FILLED - Warm - PG, 4/4

teenage boys + parties = always always a shitshow. this is truth. ):

♥! I'm glad you liked it~ Junsu secretly knows about dbsk even though he barely knows jaejoong ;O psychic powers.

Re: FILLED - Warm - PG, 4/4

xP I cringed a little when jae kissed ho after ho threw up...but it was still adorable.

and you made it pre-debut jaeho! &hearts

definitely saving this to my comp since I can't mem it.

Re: FILLED - Warm - PG, 4/4

((((: throw uppy kisses = the best.

hehehehadsajdklfajdljsf so happy that you liked it even when you didn't know it was me. :D It had to be predebut jaeho if it was going to be their first kiss. because you know. after debut. ;)

kfjdkdkfj DYING you loser :'DD ♥♥♥

Re: FILLED - Warm - PG, 4/4

alskdjaslka so adorable dies D: ILU ANON♥

Re: FILLED - Warm - PG, 4/4

... ;) ♥

Re: FILLED - Warm - PG, 4/4

pffft yknow I always love the things you write :D ♥♥♥

Re: FILLED - Warm - PG, 4/4

This is my first time reading a yunjae real!party fic :) Drunk people do the most unbelievable things and I'm glad you included them ♥ And the vomit part. This is ULTIMATE LOVE. I know it sounds strange but hey, when you still want to kiss someone even if they've just thrown up it must be true love xD Besides, parties + hygiene = does not happen xD

Re: FILLED - Warm - PG, 4/4

Seriously? no way :') so much party yunjae fic swimming around out there~
and of course ♥ who cares about vomit mouth when you're infatuated? ♥♥

thank youuu for always commenting ;~;♥!