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DECEMBER: Anonymous Fic-Gifting Meme!

Hey y'all! The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner and in celebration, I bring you jaeho_challenge's December activity, the Yun/Jae fic request meme. Guaranteed not to disappoint, as long as you do both the giving and the receiving ;D (We'll not talk about how dirty that sounds kk?)

YunJae Anonymous Fic-Gifting Meme

Sign me up! How do I participate? Well, it's very easy. Here are the rules...

to request a fic...
★ Post your request in a comment on this post.
★ In your comment, fill out the following:

★ You may post multiple requests! Got lots of plot bunnies? Bombs away!
★ Your request MUST be Yunho/Jaejoong. Duh...
If you are requesting something of an adult nature, do not comment here! We have a separate KINK MEME for that!

to fill a request...
★ Post your fic in a REPLY to the request comment.
★ Make your comment anonymous! In the spirit of giving without asking for anything in return, we'd like authors to stay anon, at least until after Christmas. Feel free to reveal yourselves after then ;D
★ Your comment's content is the fic, but you MUST include this subject line:
Subject: FILLED - Title (if any), Rating, Length (i.e. 1/1, 2/3, etc)

★ Make sure your fic is mainly Yunho/Jaejoong! Other pairings can be included, it's up to you and/or the requester.
★ Fics of any length are allowed! Also, multiple authors can fill the same request! Let's be friendly about it, though. :)

and now for a favor...
Make sure to advertise this meme so your requests get filled faster! I cannot stress this enough. I'm only advertising this at jaeho_detox, so I'm going to need you guys to pimp this around in your journals.

Don't be afraid! Request as many things as you like! Santa!Ho tells me you've all been naughty great this year, so you deserve some good ol' YunJae to end 2008 with a bang :) ♥


Prompt/Desired Plot:yun snd jae are acting so childishly about their "so called" presents for christmas! XD

Anything else?:Changmin and Yoosu are so pissed off because of YunJae sweetness! (too much mushyness! Nyahahahha) Love. Love.


FILLED - Must Be Santa, PG-13, 1/1

I know this is not exactly what you want, but I hope you like this anyway =/

“Rock, paper, scissors!”

“Aw, why do I have such bad luck in this?” Yunho grumbled as he pulled back his hand and kicked the innocent foot of the stool Junsu was sitting on, successfully making him crash down onto the fur-carpeted floor, ignoring his yelps of pain while the other continued on cheering over their win.

“It was me last year!” Yoochun protested as he finally helped Junsu up. “Stop being such a grumpy old man, and I’ll prepare the wish list for you. Come on, guys, let’s go.”

The two others cheered, and with evil smirks on their face, they ripped off a page of folio paper, and took a pen, before they started scribbling madly on it, listing names of various things Yunho didn’t even know existed, or couldn’t pronounce—thank goodness they haven’t requested for a car.

His sanity was saved when he heard the front door open and close, followed by an announcement of “I’m home!” by that familiar, melodious voice he had grown to love so much. “Jae~!”

“Yes? What’s the matter?” Jaejoong asked as he looked at the four gathering in the dining room, hunched over the table. “What are you doing?” he asked again as he peered over Junsu’s shoulder.

“We’re making a Christmas wish list, he lost and he has to be the Santa this year,” Changmin replied, capping his pen, and folding his paper. “Here you go, I’m finished,” he said with an innocent smile as he handed it to Yunho who was still sulking angry.

“So what do you want?” Yunho asked Jaejoong who hadn’t taken the paper and pen yet. “Don’t you want anything for this year?”

“Oh, you know what I want,” Jaejoong grinned mischievously as he walked over to Yunho, placing the grocery bags on the table, and leaned over. “And I know what you want.”

Yunho reached out a hand to steady himself, and the other to grab Jaejoong’s nape. He was just inches away from kissing his boo when—

“Yah, you have your own room for a reason!” the Yoosu shouted as they threw their pens at Yunho. “Save us the PDA, please!”

Yunho stomped his way to his room, saying that he refused to buy them anything from their wish list, while Jaejoong merely chuckled and followed him in.

That night, the three vengefully added five more items to their wish list to make up for their lost beauty sleep because of the noise coming from the Yunjae room.

And the next day, when the doorbell rang, and Jaejoong got up excitedly while shouting “It must be Santa!”, the three rushed to open the door, snatch the gift bag away, and run to their room for cover.

Re: FILLED - Must Be Santa, PG-13, 1/1

This is so cute, whoever you are ^^ I really liked it.

Re: FILLED - Must Be Santa, PG-13, 1/1

OMG!!! I love it!!! This is so much of what I expected and I really appreciate this!!

This is so CUTE!!! ♥♥♥

YOOSUMIN! is so crack! They really knock me off dead laughing!!!!

Re: FILLED - Must Be Santa, PG-13, 1/1

OMG!!! I love it!!! This is so much of what I expected and I really appreciate this!!

This is so CUTE!!! ♥♥♥

YOOSUMIN! is so crack! They really knock me off dead laughing!!!!

THIS is so much love!!!

And so much love from me! ♥

Re: FILLED - Must Be Santa, PG-13, 1/1

:3 glad you do enjoy this (I know I'm late... but oh well)