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DECEMBER: Anonymous Fic-Gifting Meme!

Hey y'all! The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner and in celebration, I bring you jaeho_challenge's December activity, the Yun/Jae fic request meme. Guaranteed not to disappoint, as long as you do both the giving and the receiving ;D (We'll not talk about how dirty that sounds kk?)

YunJae Anonymous Fic-Gifting Meme

Sign me up! How do I participate? Well, it's very easy. Here are the rules...

to request a fic...
★ Post your request in a comment on this post.
★ In your comment, fill out the following:

★ You may post multiple requests! Got lots of plot bunnies? Bombs away!
★ Your request MUST be Yunho/Jaejoong. Duh...
If you are requesting something of an adult nature, do not comment here! We have a separate KINK MEME for that!

to fill a request...
★ Post your fic in a REPLY to the request comment.
★ Make your comment anonymous! In the spirit of giving without asking for anything in return, we'd like authors to stay anon, at least until after Christmas. Feel free to reveal yourselves after then ;D
★ Your comment's content is the fic, but you MUST include this subject line:
Subject: FILLED - Title (if any), Rating, Length (i.e. 1/1, 2/3, etc)

★ Make sure your fic is mainly Yunho/Jaejoong! Other pairings can be included, it's up to you and/or the requester.
★ Fics of any length are allowed! Also, multiple authors can fill the same request! Let's be friendly about it, though. :)

and now for a favor...
Make sure to advertise this meme so your requests get filled faster! I cannot stress this enough. I'm only advertising this at jaeho_detox, so I'm going to need you guys to pimp this around in your journals.

Don't be afraid! Request as many things as you like! Santa!Ho tells me you've all been naughty great this year, so you deserve some good ol' YunJae to end 2008 with a bang :) ♥




Prompt/Desired Plot: Yunho's a burgular, breaks into Jae's house. Threatens Jae to hand over his cash etc, but ends up having sex with Jae instead:D
Anything else?: Nope, I guess? (:


FILLED - The Night Before Christmas, PG-13, Part 1

A/N: This maybe isn't exactly what you were looking for, but I hope you would still enjoy it. (*hates LJ for making me split the story in so many parts* *pouts*)

* * *

JaeJoong was strolling down the busy streets, filled with smiling faces and happy couples holding hands. The Christmas spirit was heavily apparent in the air surrounding him, what’s with all the decorations, blinding lights, Christmas trees and men and women dressed in angel’s and Santa Claus’ costumes.

JaeJoong grimaced. True, it was 24th December, but why were all the people around him so cheerful? It was just another fucking day, why did they have to go crazy over some stupid holiday. Especially the nuns over there singing Christmas carols were annoying the hell out of him, giving him a headache.

A young man and a woman walked past him, hand in hand and wearing one of those ridiculous couple outfits with a huge “The love of my life” sign on it. He felt sick at the sight of their smiles and the sound of their laughter. JaeJoong caught the girl’s eye. She checked him out and he glared maliciously back at her. So much for the love. He snorted.

Clutching angrily at the small golden pendant around his neck, JaeJoong hurried his steps further. It was damn cold, the pavement slippery under his feet and all he wanted was to get home as soon as possible. Turning around the corner, he left the main street, walking farther and farther away from the crowds and of course from the irritating noise. He finally felt able to breath freely again.

JaeJoong was a block away from his flat, when he got the feeling of being watched. He turned rashly back, but there was no one behind him. An involuntary sigh escaped his lips. He didn’t need any creeps following him, especially now, when he was all alone at home. Fuck the stupid YooSu for leaving him all of a sudden. Double fuck the shithead Heechul for breaking up with him just a week before Christmas.

The young man even had bought Heechul, his now ex-boyfriend, a present – the little cross dangling around JaeJoong’s pale neck at the moment. Since he didn’t have anyone else to give it to, he kept it for himself – the little thing costing him one third of his monthly payment.
It was probably the only thing he would get as a Christmas present anyway. With Yoochun and Junsu in Switzerland for the holidays (skiing and having lots of fun), he was going to spend the whole time alone.

But it was only when he entered his flat that he felt exactly how desperate for a little company he was. Although the merry crowds outside made him angry, it was better than the misery and loneliness that awaited him at home. He probably shouldn’t have turned down his sister’s offer for dinner that night. However, it was too late now.


FILLED - The Night Before Christmas, PG-13, Part 2

As far as he was concerned, eating chips and watching variety shows on TV wasn’t the most exciting way to spend Christmas Eve. But at the moment that was exactly what he was at. The sun had already set and darkness was engulfing his lone figure, sprawled on the coach. He was too lazy to get up and turn the lights on. The only sounds in the apartment were his breathing, the ticking of a clock, the buzzing of the TV and the overly mirthful and loud voices of the MCs. After another hour or so he finally got up and turned off the TV.

JaeJoong wished he could be somewhere else with someone… anyone. Anyone would do. He would have given anything in order not to be by himself, now of all times. He felt like crying.

“No, JaeJoong, you are not going to cry. Bad bad bad. You cried enough the first day after the brake-up. Be a good boy and go to sleep.” The chanting did help, even if just a little bit. It was enough.

Somehow JaeJoong convinced himself of going to his room, taking off his clothes and getting under the heavy blankets. It was only 8:30 PM.

He started shivering slightly without the warmth of another’s body next to his. Squeezing his eyes shut and curling into a ball, he was soon cradled into sleep’s merciful embrace.

JaeJoong had no idea how long he had slept, when a screeching sound and a crash stirred him out of his slumber. He turned to the other side, hugging his pillow in a try to keep the wakefulness away.

Suddenly JaeJoong was cold and fully awakened. Turning the lamp on his nightstand on, he headed for the other room, where the sound had come from. His heart was beating rapidly. A window was open and the chilly winter air was invading the room. No wonder he was cold.

However, he didn’t remember leaving the window open. Hell, he was hundred per cent sure, he had left the window closed. Uneasiness was filling his body, making him tremble lightly and definitely not because of the cold. A movement caught his attention in the mirror on the wall right of him.

He turned quickly left and saw the man, standing there, in the frame of his bedroom door, clad in black, with a hood over his eyes and one of those masks that people wear, when they are sick, hiding the rest of his face.

Of one thing JaeJoong was sure – he wanted to scream, to run, to hide, just to do something. His body was frozen on the spot.


FILLED - The Night Before Christmas, PG-13, Part 3

“Oppa!” A familiar voice sounded behind him.

Yunho turned around and nearly fell when a body collided with his. He hugged back the younger girl and laughed.

“Yah, Ji Eun-ah you surely are excited to see me again. But did you really have to throw yourself at me like this? You knocked the wind out of my lungs.” A smile crept upon his lips.

“Oppa, you are such a tease. And I came all the way from America just to meet you.” Ji Eun whined.

“Jung Ji Eun, don’t exaggerate it. You came back to Korea to meet your boyfriend’s parents. Not to meet you older brother.” At this remark the girl pouted and turned her back at Yunho. He laughed again and ruffled his sister’s hair. It was really nice to have her back again, even if just for a few weeks. Most of the time she was too busy with her studies in Stanford University and she didn’t have much time for Yunho. They had so much to catch up on.

They were having a walk in Insadong, chatting animatedly, when Yunho noticed his sister’s absence. He looked around and saw her standing a few meters behind, with her face plastered against the window display of some shop.

“Woah, oppa, oppa, look! Isn’t it beautiful?” Ji Eun was pointing at a pendant in the shape of a cross, incrusted with some kind of small black stones. “I wish I had one like this.”

“Ji Eun-ah, you have at least hundred different cross necklaces, earrings and other accessories. You are obsessed with crosses, you know that?” Yunho stated matter-of-factly.

She shrugged. “So what! I want this one as well. It will look so cute with my new Ellie Saab dress that George bought for me last week.” A dreamy look appearing on her face when thinking of her boyfriend. Or maybe of the dress. After a few more minutes of examining the piece of jewelry, they continued with their walk.

At least now Yunho had an idea, what to take Ji Eun for Christmas. He was sure she’d be jumping from joy. He could already envision her brilliant smile. He made a mental note to go and check the price of the pendant afterwards.


FILLED - The Night Before Christmas, PG-13, Part 4

It was the next day after he had finished with work, when he entered the shop and asked to look at the item more closely.

“Excellent choice, Sir. This is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.” The shop-assistant was extremely polite and showered Yunho with loads of information about the artist, the material (it turned out to be made out of white gold and onyxes) and many other things about the cross. Yunho’s eyes almost popped out, when he heard the price – it was more than his salary for the month. How could something so small cost this much?!?

He felt as if he were kicked in the stomach when he was exiting the shop. He so much wanted to give it as a present to Ji Eun. There was a bit over a week till Christmas and he had no way to get the money. A look of despair appeared on his face. The next half an hour he spent in staring at the tiny object from across the shop window, sighting heavily.

Soon the small pendant was showed to another customer and Yunho waited patiently for it to be returned to its original place, so that he could stare at it in self pity some more. An ebony haired young man exited the shop. Only when the cross wasn’t returned did Yunho panic.

He rushed into the shop, almost falling flat on his face, when he tripped upon the doorstep. The shop-assistant had remembered him, and expressed his regret that the pendant had been bought by the previous customer. He had not yet finished his sentence, when Yunho ran outside and started looking franticly around for the man.

“Damn it.” A curse escaped Yunho’s lips. He hated swearing, it was ugly. But he couldn’t help it now.

Yunho spotted the man in he crowd and started following him. He had no idea, why he was getting so worked over it, it wasn’t like he could afford the golden cross. And than the idea struck him. It was insane. No, he was the insane one. Completely out of his mind.

However, half an hour later he was still following the man, with the crazy plan of stealing the cross from him. Yunho didn’t have even the slightest clue, how he was going to do it. He couldn’t even believe such a thing had come to his mind. Even more unbelievable was the fact that he was actually doing it. He definitely wasn’t a criminal, so what had gotten into him? Stealing someone’s possessions - that wasn’t like Yunho. He remembered a time, when he lied to his parents. The few next days Yunho couldn’t sleep peacefully, tortured by his own consciousness. He didn’t even want to imagine the way he would feel, if he succeeded in stealing the item. (Yunho ignored the one billion to one chance that this could actually happen.)

But he couldn’t stop himself, as if some kind of power had taken over his body, and drove him step after step, deeper into this insanity.


FILLED - The Night Before Christmas, PG-13, Part 5

The rest of the week before Christmas Yunho spent in stalking the man, finding out where he lived, observing his habits, at what time he came back from work, on what days he would go out with his friends and so on. There was also something very disturbing – the fact that Yunho caught himself noticing other things as well. Like the sensual way the other carried himself, the twinkle in his eyes when he laughed, the trembling of his lower lip when he was upset and above all how georgeous he was.

However the-robber-to-be (as Yunho called himself lately) pushed these thoughts away and concentrated on his mission. And soon a plan was born. He was going to brake in the other’s flat on Christmas Eve, and he surely wasn’t going to enter trough the cimney, wearing a Santa Claus’ costume.

He schemed and planned everything thoroughly and calmly, almost cold-heartedly, like a true criminal. He found a way to get in and even knew where the man held the object. The only thing now left was the action itself.

On December 24th, around 9 PM Yunho was observing the building where his victim lived. There was no movement or light in it, but Yunho waited patiently for another hour just to be sure that the man was nowhere near his apartment.

Dressed all in black, he was blending well with the surrounding him darkness. Yunho managed to climb to the terrace and busied himself with picking the lock of one of the windows.

Once he had been accidently locked on his own balcony by Dong Hae. It was freezing cold and luckily Yunho successfully opened up the mechanism of a window using materials at hand. And that was exactly what he was doing now. It turned out the mechanism of this window was the same as the ones in his flat and for that Yunho was forever thankful.

He sneaked in carefully, making as little noise as possible. The apartment may have been empty, but this didn’t mean he had to alarm the neighbors. He headed for the cabinet, where he knew he would find the pendant. Opening it slowly Yunho wanted to scream when the sight of the empty drawer reached his eyes.

He was so stupid. Why didn’t he think of the possibility that the other has bought the cross as present for somebody? Yunho was sure he would never again see the small object again. Aish. This was so frustrating; he wanted to pull his hair off. He slammed shut the drawer and cringed at the sound of it.

Suddenly a light was lit in the next room and startled Yunho. It took him some time to process the information that he was in danger and he needed to do something. And do it fast.

He was going to run for the window when a man stepped trough the door of the room right between him and his life-saving way for escape. Oh God, he was so screwed.


FILLED - The Night Before Christmas, PG-13, Part 6

The man made a few more steps into the room, the window attracting his attention. Why was he here, he shouldn’t have been home on Christmas Eve. This wasn’t how Yunho had imagined the whole thing. He was going to enter the apartment for just a few minutes, take the pendant from the drawer and get out of there, without leaving a trace. That was the plan, it was plain and simple. And no one should have been in. (Except for Yunho.) But now everything had spiraled out of control and the robber was being gripped by fear and panic.

Maybe he could get into the other room without the other noticing him. It seemed the only available prospect for Yunho at the moment. Yunho’s steps were completely inaudible and he was almost there when the other turned around abruptly, dark eyes fixed on Yunho’s own.

Oh, God. Yunho was expecting the other to scream, or just to call for help. Soon the police would be here and Yunho would be arrested. What was he going to do now? What was he going to do? What… Arghhh.

Yunho gripped tight his pocket knife he used for opening the window and stepped towards the other. The metallic luster of the blade caught the other’s eyes and realizing what Yunho was holding, made his pupils widen. His eyes returned back to Yunho, carefully observing his every move.

Yunho took another step forward, the edge of the knife now pointing towards his victim.

“Don’t move and no one gets hurt. And don’t you dare make the slightest noise.” Yunho’s voice sounded cold and threatening, nothing like the usual. He took another step. The man’s form was somewhat hunched, muscles tensed.

And then he jumped towards Yunho, gripping his right wrist, trying to wring out the knife out of Yunho’s palm. Yunho caught his other arm and they were wrestling like this for a while, when Yunho was heavily pushed back, but still not loosening his grip neither on the knife, nor on the man. The other made a reach for his face, but Yunho evaded it, the other’s fingers only scratching his cheek.

He was so going to be arrested for breaking-in and threatening and attacking another person. Yunho could so clearly imagine his parent’s faces screwed up in disgust and pain, because of their only son’s terrible actions. They would be so disappointed in him and he surely would be disowned. Ahhh, he had screwed up so much. He knew he shouldn’t have even started with this. What was he thinking? What did he expect to happen? And the prison? He had only heard about the terrifying stories, told about the place. Why didn’t he think of these things earlier? Yunho was damn much scared at the moment, his hands shaking.

The robber managed to knee the man in the stomach, and take advantage of the situation. Yunho turned him around, the man’s hand twisted behind his back, and the edge of the knife next to the others neck.

They were so close to each other that Yunho wondered, if the other could feel his frantic heartbeat. He lifted his eyes from his victim and met their reflection in the mirror across the room.


FILLED - The Night Before Christmas, PG-13, Part 7

The first thing that he noticed was the little cross hanging on a black strap around the man’s neck.

“I want all your cash and this thing” Yunho pointed towards the cross with the knife “and I’ll spare your life.” His voice was huskier than usual, and definitely threatening. The man in front of him gulped nervously. Luckily he hadn’t noticed the robber’s trembling. Yet.

The second thing Yunho noticed was that the man was almost completely naked, only in his boxers. Yunho knew how gorgeous the man was, but he never imagined the other to have the body of a Greek god, perfectly sculptured, with broad shoulders, muscular arms and freaking eight-packs. And his skin – oh, so smooth. Yunho had to hold back the desire to touch him, if only to check if this perfection was real and not a part of his imagination. Yunho gulped and it definitely wasn’t because of nervousness.

The third thing Yunho noticed in the mirror was his own face. And he meant it. His face was damn visible, and what the other was doing was examining it – probably in order to describe him as accurately as possible to the police later. His hood had fallen back and his mask was on the ground next to their feet, probably lost sometime during the fight. Panic was once again raging in his veins. Yunho had no way of getting out of this mess now; the other had seen his face already. The only way of silencing him that came to Yunho’s mind was slicing his throat. Oh God, what was he thinking again? Was he crazy? Was he some sicko? A totally normal guy turning into a psychopath. Was this how it happened? Yunho couldn’t kill him. But how was he going to get out of this? And what of his parents when they learned their son was a robber? What of his younger sister? Would her rich boyfriend still want her when insanity ran in her blood, her brother a criminal? Yunho’s arms were now shaking. He couldn’t let himself be caught, he couldn’t...

Yunho’s eyes widened and he dropped the knife from surprise when soft lips were pressed against his own. The slightly shorter man was now facing him, with hands clenching Yunho’s shirt. Yunho tried to push him away, but it was in vain, the other proving stronger. Yunho surrendered, every rational thought vanishing from his mind. In a second cold hands were running up and down his skin, under his shirt, sending shivers down his spine, until finally winding around Yunho’s neck and fingers running trough his auburn hair, caressing it. Teeth were nipping at his lower lip and a slick tongue soothing the spot afterwards. Cold air engulfed Yunho’s upper body when his shirt was thrown to the floor. His hands settled around the ebony haired man’s waist, pulling his also naked form closer in a try to keep the warmth. The pale skin under Yunho’s fingers was even softer than he had imagined. Soon a tongue was demanding an entrance in his mouth and Yunho granted it, the taste of the other something he had dreamed of this whole week. After a short fight for dominance (which Yunho lost), his mouth was now being ravished by the other’s tongue, leaving Yunho breathless.

They parted a bit, both panting heavily, lips only inches away and bodies still pressed against one another. Yunho stared into the bottomless pits the other’s eyes were and it was as if he were drowning into them. In this moment he felt so exposed, almost vulnerable, the other’s gaze piercing right through him, but he couldn’t look away. In fact it was the other’s eyes he had fallen in love first, so soulful and sharp.

Once again were their lips connected, into another deep kiss, seducing him, intoxicating him. Yunho was soon just as naked as the other, and pushed back again and again. Before he realized what was happening his legs hit the end of a bed and he fell hard into the mattress. The other followed shortly after him, bending over Yunho for yet another kiss, hands roaming all over his body.

Of one thing Yunho was sure – this fellow was crazy. But he couldn’t care less.


FILLED - The Night Before Christmas, PG-13, Part 8 FINAL

He woke up to the smell of pancakes, and a content smile creased his lips. Probably his sister had come to visit him and was making him his favorite type of breakfast. Ah, it was so good having her around. And Yunho was feeling so refreshed, he hadn’t slept so well in a while. He slowly opened his eyes and it took him some time to register the fact that this wasn’t his room. Or his bed. He was totally clueless at where he was or what had happened. Only when he sat up in bed and felt the stinging in his behind, did his memories come back to him, followed by a deep blush.

He gathered some of his clothes from the floor and was halfway dressed, when the man from the previous night appeared at the door of the room.

“Good morning and Merry Christmas!” The ebony-haired man said smiling, mirth filling his eyes. He walked to the surprised Yunho and pecked him on the lips.

“My name is Kim JaeJoong.” The man introduced himself.

“JaeJoong.” Yunho tried out the sounding of the name and JaeJoong smiled even wider at him.

“And you are… ?”

“Yunho. Jeong Yunho.” Yunho replied shyly, still nervous because of the events of the previous night.

“Breakfast will be ready soon.” JaeJoong announced and was going to exit the bedroom when he was stopped by Yunho’s voice.

“JaeJoong-sshi, can I take a shower?”

“Sure, the bath is the last door in the corridor. There’s everything you could need in there.” And he left the standing Yunho there.

After he was all clean Yunho found the other man in the kitchen, the table already laid. When JaeJoong noticed him he walked towards Yunho and kissed him again. Yunho was soon responding and holding the man tight in his arms. They were interrupted by Yunho’s rumbling stomach and JaeJoong laughed, amused by the other. Then and there Yunho felt what it would feel like to be loved and he knew he could easily get used to it.

When he sat down at the table with a plate full with pancakes, JaeJoong asked him the question he was most afraid of.

“Yuhno-sshi, would you like to tell me now, why you were trying to rob me?”

Yunho looked away unable to meet the other’s eyes, ashamed of his doings. A hand lifted his chin up and he was forced to look at the other. He was shocked when the only thing he read in JaeJoong’s eyes was gentleness. The man wasn’t mad at him, although it was impossible for Yunho to comprehend why. He received an encouraging nod from JaeJoong and so he started talking.

He knew what he did was terrible, but he had the feeling that he had won more than he had lost – JaeJoong’s now warm hand a solid proof of this.