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314159 in jaeho_challenge

OCTOBER: jaeho_challenge Fright Night is here!


Hey everyone! It's nullspace here with your Fright Night fics and fanarts!


Bound, by akagasuki / PG-13

Is Like The Darkness Is The Light, by rourietosama / PG


Dreamworks, the Cursed Love, by Anonymous
NC-17 / 4,707 words / Waking up in the still of the night, you never thought of losing a loved one in a dream would ever affect you the way it did like this.

Tainted Love, by burntmuffins76
PG / 789 words / Loving someone of the same gender, is it that much of a sin?

The Muse of the Maknae, by kimimeemaya333
PG-13 / 2,392 words / The Musings of the rather discreet and well kept Shim Changmin. Set at All Hollow's Eve, Changmin unravels just what lurks in Japan's spooky and frightening shadowed areas.

Read also... (from Round 2, Challenge #3)

Hail to the King, by twotiming
R / 2,527 words / Jaejoong, Yunho, and Changmin have a nice vacation in the woods. (Tape recorder dialogue and some demon dialogue borrowed from The Evil Dead comic book series by Mark Verheiden and John Bolton)

The Shutter Speed, by erenka_y
PG / 1,064 words / Jaejoong took a picture of a ghost... or did he?

Thanks to everyone who participated! I really appreciate it ♥

Please link any other Halloween-y Yunho/Jaejoong fics/fanarts in the comments! They could be fic/art recommendations, fics you have already written, art you have already drawn, something you posted after I made this post, whatever! :) We didn't get as many submissions as we'd hoped, so please add as many links as you can! (This is a chance to pimp out stuff by you and your friends, so take advantage of it! :D) I'll start off by linking:

Mirrorside, by lunacrescent ♥!

Have a happy, safe Halloween, everyone :) Make sure to get lots of candy! <3 We won't be having anything for the month of November but STAY TUNED, our December activity is going to be amazing. It's a promise ;)


Halloween Crack;


PG; 375w; Humor

If anyone started to mention fisting, Changmin was out of there.
The Presence

by me!~

PG-13 / 3,446 / His hearing feels dulled, his eyes perceive colors less brightly and everything seems dimmed due to some nameless pain. Some shadow whose presence is indefinite.

Sorry I didn't turn it in on time, but I wrote it for you, so I hope you like it!!

Warnings: I'm not a very good writer, so no expectations!