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chunface in jaeho_challenge

OCTOBER: jaeho_challenge Fright Night! (REMINDER)

Hey, nullspace here :) This is just a reminder that entries for our Fright Night are due TOMORROW. However, if you are still planning on submitting and need an extension, please comment here. Try to get everything in tomorrow if you can, though. :) Peace out!


Oh, can i have an extension till saturday maybe? I'm just trying to finish an art piece but idk if I can do everything i want by tomorrow ^^;
Saturday is fine! :)
oh, did you guys get my submission? ^^;

hotmail is being fickle :|
yes we did! thanks, it's gorgeous :)
I need an extension! i have exams, tests, and essays filling up my schedule for this month x.x~~ so probably a couple days is all i need to be able to write it >.>! *huggles* ty ty ty ty XD
No problem! Can you get it to me by Sunday 11:59 PM EST?
I'll do what i can :) thankies ^-^
can i get it to you by saturday? sunday morning at the latest. ): my exams are over now, but i have school + activities until late tomorrow so i don't know if i'll be able to get it done by then. ): especially since i haven't written anything yet. WHAT AM I DOING, OMG. thanks ♥
that's fine bb! :D yay i'm so excited~
Extensions are LOVE! Can I get one too? I can have the shot(s) done by sunday is that ok with you cuz sats are coming up and I gtg cram before I fail it again. >.<'

thanks in advance !!
sounds good! good luck with your sats :)
GET TO WORK OR I WILL SEND YUNJAE ZOMBIES AFTER YOU. actually wait you would probably like that :|||||
............. lol your dad plays halloween music
rofll wait isn't it past midnight there as well? WHAT YOUR DAD STAYS UP LATE BLASTING MUSIC he is so much cooler sounding than mine omg. my dad goes to sleep before 9...
then make it long for chrissake! *kicked* longfic = good :D!!