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OCTOBER: jaeho_challenge Fright Night! (Instructions)

EDIT: Just fyi, I'm deleting my journal temporarily and will be posting to this community as chunface for a bit. So don't be surprised to see a new username, it's just me! :)

Sup, jaeho_challenge! It's (almost) the 1st day of October, which means our October activity starts now. Here's a brief summary of what it involves and how you (yes, YOU!) can participate. Comment here if you have any questions.


ASSIGNMENT: Write us some Yunjae horror stories (as many as you want)! They do not have to be AU (Alternate Universe), and they can either be serious or funny. Ghosts, zombies, vampires, etc all welcome! You can also draw us pictures :) Obviously the word/formatting restrictions do not apply to fanarts...

REQUIREMENTS: 100+ words long, Yunho/Jaejoong as main pairing.

DEADLINE: Friday, October 24th at 11:59 PM EST (time zone converter, use "America/New_York")

Please submit your fics as a .txt attachment (with all proper formatting) to jaeho.challenge @ gmail.com. Your email should have a subject line of "jaeho_challenge fright night - your lj username here".

If you are submitting a fanart, attach it to the email and use the same subject line. Also include a header in the main body of the email, as shown under the cut ↓

For the .txt file, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you use the format provided under the cut.

If your fic/art has any gore/disturbing content, make sure to mention that in the warnings...

For fic dividers, make sure to use "-----" (5 dashes) and nothing else. Also follow the other rules posted earlier in this community.

On the night of Thursday, October 30th, I will post all your fics and fanarts (with author/artist names included) to the community. So yes, technically our "fright night" will last all through Friday the 31st (Halloween) and beyond. But "Fright Night" just sounds so cool, doesn't it?

Please please please pimp this out to your friends. Come on, we all want some scary Yunjae tales to make our Halloweens better! Remember, even drabbles count, so don't be shy! Also, comment if you plan on participating so I can have a rough head count. Let's have a good Jaeho fright night this year. :)

EDIT: It is optional that I release your username to the public, so if any of you are shy, you can submit things "anonymously" :D! Just specify so in the email with your submission.
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