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math ↠ punny raccoon

314159 in jaeho_challenge

Round 2, Challenge #4: RESULTS! & Round 2 Winner!

Hello! I'm going to make this a quick post because my cousins are literally sitting behind me as I do this, but I have a winner to announce today! As you've all noticed, both of our finalists submitted amazing pieces this week, and I'm sure you all had to make a tough decision. twotiming and orionsroad, thank you SO much for putting all this time and effort into our second round. We'd love to have both of you back next year, when we do Round 3!

In any case, congratulations to...

orionsroad, who wrote "Go With a Smile" (7-5= +2 points)

And our Runner-Up is...

twotiming, who wrote "Podiums as high as the gallows are low" (5-7= -2 points)

Great job, both of you! I unfortunately don't have your banners ready because my family is over, but expect another post with them later this week!

... Sorry I just wanted an excuse to use a Joker gif tbh. :D Thanks to all you writers and readers for helping out with Round 2! See you next year ;D ibaranonamida and I will try to have mini-challenges and drabble-athons (is that what they're called? *stupid*) during the school year so please keep us friended! ♥ Have a good rest of your summer, everyone!


Congrats to both Loki and twotiming!!!!
See you next year You mean.. you're not going to keep holding contests during the school year? DDDDD: B-BUT. BUT WHAT WILL I USE TO PROCRASTINATE. D:
grats Loki! <3 and twotiming too!
Oh no!!! I was too late for voting!!!!!!!!!!! ;______________; but congrats to both of you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I was especially surprised to see a long piece from you, twotiming - congrats for such an awesome long piece!)
Weee! :D

Thanks so much everyone. I'm really happy!

Congrats to twotiming too - I really enjoyed all your fics. :D

Speshul love for Shizz and ibaranonamida for organising this all! ♥
sadgsfdgafasgdadsahgdsada;shdfsaddkhjsa I know this is kind of random but your fic was one of the most awesome things I've ever read. *O*♥♥♥♥♥♥

*scurries off*
wow, thanks bb! I'm going to clean it up a bit more, maybe expand it a little before I post it in my own journal. But I'm glad you enjoyed it. ;D
Congradulations to you both :D They're both amazing fics x.x [i wonder how they got to pick one] xDDD.
Congrats to both!!! The fics were awesome ♥
Congratulations to both of you for making it so far~! <3