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DECEMBER: Part II - Anonymous Kink Meme!

This is Part II of our December Activity. Read more about it here!

YunJae Anonymous Kink Meme

to request a kink fic...
★ Post your request in a comment on this post.
Comment anonymously if you can. ;D That way, we don't have to be ashamed about anything......
★ In your comment, fill out the following:

★ You may post multiple requests! Got lots of plot bunnies? Bombs away!
★ Your request MUST be Yunho/Jaejoong. Duh...
This post is only for kink requests! We have a separate MEME for other fics!

to fill a request...
★ Post your fic in a REPLY to the request comment.
★ Make your comment anonymous! In the spirit of giving without asking for anything in return, we'd like authors to stay anon, at least until after Christmas. Feel free to reveal yourselves after then ;D
★ Your comment's content is the fic, but you MUST include this subject line:
Subject: FILLED - Title (if any), Rating, Length (i.e. 1/1, 2/3, etc)

★ Make sure your fic is mainly Yunho/Jaejoong! Other pairings can be included, it's up to you and/or the requester.
★ Fics of any length are allowed! Also, multiple authors can fill the same request! Let's be friendly about it, though. :)

To pimp out the kink meme instead of the other one, use this code:

♥!! Have fun :D


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Kink: Bukkake! Let Yunho come on Jaejoong's face.....
Anything else?: Preferably after a nice long blowjob but do whatever you want really...


Oh god, yes please. ♥
I know the meme's over and all, but when I posted up my newest smut I can't help but be reminded of this

It doesn't focus entirely on it, but it features it :3 if you still want to read it, you can find it at: http://community.livejournal.com/seiryuu_temple/90495.html

That is, assuming you read this xDDD


Kink: horny! shy yunho, who's afraid to voice his desires/ jaejoong who knows exactly what yunho wants but enjoys to tease him
Anything else?: you decide what yunho wants


Kink: split personality Jaejoong takes the reins in a relationship with Yunho. Yunho had been treating him like a little girl, when what Jaejoong wants is a man. They like the outcome: rough sex.

Anything else?: Yunho bottoms, gets slapped in the face


Kink: foot fetishism
Anything else?: Jae has pretty feet like no other♥


Kink: lapdance, pole dance, peep show, camera light action a little bit of dirty talk if u can(sorry to pull half of the sex industry here ^"^)

Anything else?: lace and leather (if you really want), bitchy!jae whore!jae slutty!jae nauhty!jae (it's up to you), playboy!Ho Yunho with his naughty dirty mind.


Kink: torture, lots blood, toys, whip, leather things (love hotel)

Anything else?: can u google "hoshi no yakata" ?? read it once and u'll know what i mean ^^


Kink: Yunho molests Jae on crowded train and end up going to a hotel.
Anything else?: Yunho and Jaejoong must be strangers at first. Dirty talk would be great!
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