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SEPTEMBER: Yunho/Jaejoong six-word drabble-fest!

Hello! I'm back with the first of many monthly activities to keep us busy before Round 3 begins next summer. ibaranonamida and I have been brainstorming to have something fun for you guys to do every month, so please keep us friended! As today is the first day of September, and many of us are back at school and/or working, our activity for this month is pretty simple. Anyone can participate. You really have no excuse not to since it's so simple! I bring you all the....

● yunjae six-word drabble-fest! ●
Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in only six words. His response? “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” He is believed to have called it his greatest literary work ever. Can you write a story in six words? -- LJ Writer's Block
Inspired by similar memes from the Batman, Harry Potter, Twilight, and various other fandoms.

The rules are simple: Write a drabble in six words, no more and no less. Just put one drabble per comment. Feel free to post as many comments as you want. Make sure your drabble is about one or both of the men in our OTP (a Jaejoong-centric drabble is perfectly acceptable). Also, be nice and have a blast!

Please pimp it at your journals!

Happy September, everyone! :)♥ Go crazy. If you can string together a six-word sentence, you'd better participate!


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Yunho'll never do it in public.
Jaejoong's been known to change minds.
Yunho thinks: For now, it's enough.


Take my hand in yours. Promise.
It was more than just sex.
It's always more than just sex.
Yunho makes Jaejoong feel like flying.
Lying; they don't have a choice.
Like a whirlwind, they met fortuitously.
Jaejoong is Yunho's last first love.
Fanservice/sincerity-- the line is vague.
Jaejoong thinks this, smiles, kisses Yunho.
Yunho can't get enough of Jaejoong

:) ?

Lucky for him, Jaejoong couldn't either.
Their epitaph reads, "too much sex".
You have been my best decision.
Jaejoong is worried; Yunho's never late.
aww. :(

i love this one. ♥
their voices soar in a duet.
Too many unspoken words between them.
"Jaejoong, I love you. Marry me?"
Like stars, Jaejoong shines. Yunho watches.
Jaejoong traces memories on Yunho's palm.
Considerate love made them let go.
Jaejoong sees everything everyone never will.
Yunho silently contemplates: Jaejoong = Beginning = End
"I don't love you like that."

Jaejoong can't decipher what is true.
Their love is a messy contradiction
Tender touches, harsh words; they belong.

i might be breaking the rules with this one :P

despite the flaws they brokenly fit;

in a puzzle bigger than themselves.
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